Our Savings

It’s generally wise to have a savings account, and they’re mostly free—especially at online banks, community banks, and credit unions. Keeping cash elsewhere that you don’t plan to spend in the immediate future is unsafe, and using a savings account has a psychological benefit: It’s tempting to spend money in hand. A savings account, however, can be a means of setting aside funds to reach longer-term goals.

Competitive Interest Rates The rates you'll benefit from as a accessfinb Personal Savings account holder beat the national bank average*. Interest is earned daily and posted to your account monthly, which means that every day your savings are with Amex, you're winning the saving game.

Convenience Every step of saving is now simple. You can easily link your Access financial bank Personal Savings account to up to 3 bank accounts, set up recurring deposits, and access your funds 24/7 online or by phone. All you need are your current routing and account numbers.

Powerful Earning Take advantage of a high APY and zero fees. Access financial bank Personal Savings Accounts don't have monthly balance requirements or maintenance fees. That means you can maximize your interest earnings and save with confidence.